What is Chimera?
Chimera is a new Mozilla open-source project aimed at delivering a best-of-breed and fastest browser for the Mac OS X platform. Chimera uses Cocoazilla, a variant of Fizzilla that consists of a UNIX back end wed to a Cocoa front end.

The mozilla cross-platform UI will be replaced with native Cocoa widgetry (such as customizable toolbars and a drawer for the sidebar). The plan is to produce only a browser (no other apps!), and to keep the UI as simple and as clean as possible.

What is this webpage?
This webpage is dedicated to the design of all the graphics used in the Chimera internet broweser.

Before I started with the creation of the graphics I first had a good look at the default graphics that were packaged with Chimera. Secondly I asked myself what I would want to change about those graphics. Last but not least I did a short study, by reading the Aqua User Interface Guidlines provided by Apple and by taking a good look at all the icons Apple already made for it's applications.

The application icon.
This icon is probably the most difficult icon to make I can think of. Why? It's the icon that gives the application a face or recognition. And because a browser isn't a real tool like most applications are. It's just a media viewer. So what metaphor will you use?

The new Chimera icon as made by me.
Asia / America / Europa

Html, URL/link, prefernces. Download set.

The icons.
Besides having fun making the application icon I also enjoy making a complete toolbar replacement for my favorite browser ever! Below are some samples of the entire package of replacement icons which consists of 43 individualy designed icons. I know I'm mad :)

This is the main window Toolbar icon set as made by me.

This is the Download toolbar with my icons.

These are the Preference icons.

The future!
Right now I'm still buisy adding the latest toolbar icons the devs added this last week (27-11-2002). But don't use them in Navigator 0.6 or lower because some of the icons have been renamed after 0.6! So use them only with the latest nightly builds. Get them here.

At the moment I'm realy buisy with constructing a new webpage, I will asure you it will be pretty cool. Why do I make a new page, because I seem to generate a lot of hits with this ugly page, so I just wanted to make it better for the eyes for all those visitors.

Oh and since so many people would love to have a desaturated graphite theme I' seriously thinking of making one.



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Toolbar icons:
Toolbar icons
Preference icons

Icon and splash:
Document icons

Old splash screens:
Blue splash sreen
Graphite splash screen

Application downloads:
Chimera 0.6.0
Latest nightly build

Project links:

Chimera project page
Chimera Development
Chimera Feedback
Chimera Mailing List
Bonsai - What's new
Mac OS X
Mac OS X Unix
Mac OS X Cocoa

Communtity links:

Chimera board
Mozillazine board

Chimera Chameleon

Toolbar replacements
Preference dialogs
Non official fan site
Customize Mozilla
Mac OS X Hints


Toolbar icons (1, 2)
Splash screen

Splash screen old icon :
Blue splash screen
Graphite splash screen


(made by H. Leewis)

(made by Niklas Forsberg)



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