27-11-2002 23:22
Updated the icon replacement package with new icons (send link, close tab, new tab) and updated some other icons. Ooh and check out the new link MultiZilla.

21-11-2002 16:13
Added a new groupbookmark.tif icon and I'm buisy with a complete rebuild of this page with a lot more extra's :).

08-11-2002 13:03
Added the Chimera Backup and Restore application to the website. Added the old splash screens on popular request.

06-11-2002 17:04
Updated the splashes to go with version 0.6. Fixed some bugs in the toolbar icons that occured in metal themed systems.

31-10-2002 21:34
Added a new throbber made by Niklas Forsberg, hope you like it.

29-10-2002 11:38
Made a cool new top image for this page, just to make the page more stylish :)

28-10-2002 00:20
Updated the site with a cool new patern and some new text.

25-10-2002 13:20
Updated the website. Corrected a bug in the .icns files. Added pref and dl icons.