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The look and feel of the icons in an application have great influence on how your users react to and use your application, outdated or poorly designed icons may give the wrong impression about the quality of your application. This base icon kit will help improve your application and the way it is perceived and used with minimal investment.
As an icon designer I'm in close contact with many small and large software developers and companies, and I know from this experience that starting a software project or company can be very hard for various reasons. Making sure the look and feel of the application is of high quality is one of them. That is why I created this special icon kit. The kit contains icons, I know from experience, you will most likely need. In the near future I will be providing some smaller and simple additional icon sets.

Additional services
If there are toolbar icons, an application icon or custom graphics you need do not hesitate to use my professional custom icon and design services. I provide high quality application icons (128px, 256px & 512px), toolbar icons (32px, 24px & 16px) custom UI elements such as buttons. As well as user interface design and consulting for applications for OS X. I also provide package design, web design for any of your products, and graphic design in general.

License Agreement v3.0
By purchasing or downloading any icons from me (Jasper Hauser), you (the purchaser), automatically agree to the following:

The icons can be used royalty-free by you for any personal, commercial project including web design, software, application, advertising, film, video, and computer game.

You may depict the icons in your product documentation, its help files and advertising materials that come with your product. You are free to distribute and sell your products containing my icons without further royalties.

All icon files are provided "As is". You agree not to hold me liable for any negative result or damages that may occur during the course of using, or inability to use, icons or image data from me.

The icons may not be sublicensed, resold, rented, transferred, or otherwise made available for use or detached from a product, software application, or web page. The Icons may not be placed on any electronic bulletin board or downloadable format.

You may not use, or allow anyone else to use the icons to create pornographic, libelous, obscene, or defamatory material.

When purchasing icons you get the exclusive right of use. And agree that objects of the icon may be re-used and altered for use in other projects unrelated to you. You agree that all copyrights and ownership of the purchased icons always remain property of me.

Website copyright information
All ownership of the images and icons contained or distributed on this web site are property of Jasper Hauser. I encourage you to contact me to seek permission to use or depict any given image for any product.

I would appreciate it if you could let me know in which software products or projects you used the developer icon starter kit. Opensourse developers and projects can contact me personally to get a free copy of the icon kit.

* The highlighted icons are new in this version.

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